Optimal Health Intiatives - Risk Sharing Pools


There are currently three (3) self-funded risk sharing pools available to public employers desiring an expanded shared services, jointly administered option. Regardless of your location within the state, any Division can service your local needs. We deliver a process that uniquely meshes our services with what our Members need and want.

Areas Covered

What is “Risk Sharing”?

Risk sharing is defined as “a self-insurance method of managing or reducing exposure to risk by spreading the burden of loss among several units of a business.”

What makes OHI unique?

  • 25 years of employee benefit management experience.
  • Multi-state access.
  • Common premium rates for available plan designs.
  • Premiums below state average for same/similar design.
  • Singe digit average premium increases over 5 years.
  • All for one, one for all operating philosophy.
  • Optional grace period upon entry.
  • Onsite staff and education.
  • Comprehensive wellness opportunities.

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