Optimal Health Intiatives - Political Action


In 2006, OHI co-founded the Coalition of Ohio School Employee Benefit Organizations (COSEBO). Our formation and ongoing objectives have remained concentrated on directly educating ourselves, peers, and legislators regarding health care issues that impact Ohio schools and public employers. COSEBO has partnered with a local lobbyist to assist in the preparation and presentation of information, arrange testimony for legislative hearings, and arrange and attend face-to-face meetings with legislative staff and officials.

COSEBO currently serves over 160,000 Ohioans enrolled in school and public health benefit programs in 91% of the legislative counties. Members share a mutual concern with the impact of healthcare costs on local budgets and a common goal for solutions maintaining local autonomy and decision making opportunities.

Many public employers have become members of Optimal Health Initiatives in an effort to improve their political influence. If you choose to join the Political Action Level of OHI, you simply pay the membership dues of $1.00 per employee per year. No strings attached.