Welcome to Optimal Health Initiatives

Why would I want to join Optimal Health Initiatives (OHI)?

With the ever changing healthcare market, it is challenging for individual managers to keep up with the latest trends in group benefit purchasing. Membership in OHI allows organizations to take advantage of expertise in this field in a variety of contracts while retaining independence and plan design flexibility. This has proven to favorably impact the cost and quality of services purchased.

You will save money on your employee benefits by partnering with other public employers to achieve volume discounts and leveraged claim management tools. Depending on the type of contract, organizations have experienced significant savings with claims administration and pharmacy benefit management. Historically members have achieved better than market average per employee costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to vendors who have been extensively screened and evaluated for their service and quality.
  • No need to negotiate complex contracts individually.
  • Able to maintain current broker/consultant relationships, if applicable.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • You are able to choose which contracts are beneficial to your unique situation.
  • Innovative and cutting-edge methods of containing health care costs
  • Optional risk pool sharing arrangements.

What Membership options do I have through OHI?

For $1.00 per employee per year membership in OHI allows you voluntary access to any level of participation.